Warranty Registration & Work Authorization Form

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Work Authorization agreement

(1) Window film is applied with a water and soap solution. The solution will be sprayed on the interior and exterior of the vehicle in order to apply the film properly. Over-spray from the solution will incidentally get the interior and exterior wet. 

(2) Some vehicle manufacturers apply a dot matrix to some or all windows. The matrix is a patch of ceramic dots that are raised on the glass creating an uneven surface. When film is applied over the matrix it leaves a white, silver or hazy appearance from the exterior in some or all areas of the matrix. This cannot be avoided without altering the glass which is not an option we provide. 

(3) Some vehicles have felt moldings surrounding the windows. When the installation solution touches this felt it loosens up ultimately infesting the glass with fibers. When applying to these specific vehicles all necessary precautions are made in order to perform the cleanest install possible, but fibers may be visible depending on the severity (this is rare). 

(4) Some vehicles are equipped from the manufacturer with Bluetooth, navigation and other electronic devices. The antennas for these items are located on the interior rear glass above the defroster lines. Metal films may interfere with the electronic system and or A.M. radio stations. If I choose a metal film I understand the consequences. 

(5) I understand that during removal of any window film from the rear window or any window with a defroster, the defroster/antenna may be damaged or altered. 

If I have any questions or if I am concerned about any of the above items I will ask the dealer before accepting this agreement and only then authorize All Florida Tinting Co. to perform work on my vehicle by submitting the form above this agreement.

I grant All Florida Tinting Co. employees permission to operate my vehicle for the purpose of moving my vehicle from parking lot to install bay and back. I agree that All Florida Tinting Co. is not responsible for loss or damage to my vehicle, or articles left in the vehicle, in case of theft, fire, or any other cause beyond their control. 

I agree that All Florida Tinting Co. and its employees hereby disclaims liability for any incidental, special consequential, punitive damages arising from the installation nor for any pre-existing condition. 

All personal information above this release is accurate and true. False information will void your warranty.